31 MAY - 1 JUNE 2017




Exciting speakers from the industry, customers and partners
Agile and interactive content with workshops, hands-on labs and one-to-one consulting sessions
Exciting location in the middle of bustling Glasgow, Scotland
Dinner and social event to provide plenty of networking opportunities
Partnering with the Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology


  The schedule below is preliminary and will be updated continuously.

30 MAY
As a pre-conference activity we offer complimentary workshops with limited seats to learn more about Batch
Modeling and Design of Experiments. The workshops will be half-day sessions aiming to introduce you the topics. More information

If you arrive on the 30th of May, we will gather at a local pub, Waxy O’Connors, for an informal evening.

44 West George Street, Glasgow. G2 1DH. | Tel: 0141 354 5154


31 MAY
09:00  Welcome & Introduction
09:30  Keynote 1: Future & Trends in Data Analysis: Face recognition available for all,
Martin Kermit, Senior Data Scientist, Acando
10:00  Introducing CPACT, David Littlejohn, University of Strathclyde
10:30  Break
11:00  Keynote 2: Customer Case Study
11:30  Breakouts: Hands-on labs, One-to-one sessions, Demos, CMAC laboratory tour
12:30  Lunch
13:30  Keynote 3: Jean-michel Roger, Researcher for IRSTEA, UMR ITAP
14:00  Multivariate Analysis with The Unscrambler X & beyond, Lars Gidskehaug, CAMO
14:30  Process Monitoring Tools & Outlook, Geir-Rune Flåten, CAMO
15:00  Break
15:30  Breakouts: Hands-on labs, One-to-one sessions, Demos, CMAC laboratory tour
16:30  A Synergistic Blend of Multivariate Analysis Methods with Design of Experiments Tools, Pat Whitcomb, Stat-Ease, Inc.
17:00  Keynote 4: Multivariate Statistical Process Control of continuous and batch processes (BSPC, MSPC) in the frame of Process Analytical Technology (PAT), Sylvie Roussel, CEO, Ondalys
19:00  Social event & Dinner at The Merchant’s House for invited participants



09:00  Keynote 5: Harald Martens, NTNU
09:30  Keynote 6: Customer Case Study
10:00  Technology Innovation in MVA & Process Monitoring, Geir-Rune Flåten, CAMO
10:30  Break
11:00  Breakouts: Hands-on labs, One-to-one sessions, Demos, CMAC laboratory tour
12:30  Lunch
13:30  Batch Analysis Innovation, Frank Westad, CAMO
14:00  Futures Glances: Research Pitches:
Developing a Serum Based Infrared Spectro-Diagnostic for Sepsis, Lila Lovergne
Near-Infrared hyperspectral imaging and chemometrics for classification of tea products, Puneet Mishra
14:30 Keynote 7: Customer Case Study: Fermentation Data Handling, Thomas Heimen, Lonza AG
15:00  Keynote 8
15:30  Closing