How to Choose the Right Screening Design

New DoE-users often get overwhelmed by the amount of different designs that are available. Instead of seeing the benefits of just using the DoE (Design of Experiments) approach at all the tend to worry how to choose the right design for a given application. In this piece I will present my approach to choose the right screening design while introducing a JMP-script that supports you with that.

Schulungskalender 2015

Hier können Sie unseren Schulungskalender für das Jahr 2015 einsehen und herunterladen.

Exploring Spatial Autocorrelation

Exploring Spatial Autocorrelation: Moran's I and Geary's Ratio While using autocorrelation statistics for time series data is quite common, one has to dig a bit deeper to evaluate spatial...

Solving Traveling Salesperson Problems with JMP

Solving Traveling Salesperson Problems with JMP This is part 2 of my series about spatial data analysis with JMP. After we learned how to geocode addresses in part 1. I will now show you how to...

Spatial Data Analysis with JMP

Spatial Data Analysis with JMP Last week I had the pleasure to participate in the first European JMP Discovery Summit. As part of this I was able to give a talk on our JMP-Add-In extending JMPs...