New EViews 10 now

Now you are able to buy EViews 10! Benefit from the new features with more user-friendliness. Improvements include: Smooth Threshold Regression (STR and STAR), Structural VAR restriction improvements, New seasonal adjustment methods, New charting tools, including Bubble plots, Automatic backup and data history system, Improved R integration, Connectivity with World Bank, Eurostat and others and Saving as Tableau®.

Stata 15 is on market!

Since the beginning of June, the new version of Stata, version 15, can now be purchased. All changes and features can be found on our website. Stata also has the following new features: Nonlinear multi-level models, non-parametric regression and co-integration with paneld data

SOSstat ® - statistical software dedicated to industrial applications of Quality

SOSstat 3 ® offers a wide range of tests and statistical tools to analyze, improve and stabilize processes or products. It will allow you to manage your daily 6 Sigma projects and other projects. The most sophisticated statistical techniques can be used by all, thanks to a simple environment and tools to help interpreting the results. SOSstat ® is a production tool, which is used both by operators and technicians and engineers.