In design of experiments we attempt to answer an experimental question through a series of individual experiments which are planned as efficiently as possible. In our trainings on statistical design of experiments our highly qualified instructors provide sound theoretical knowledge as well as practical know-how for the design and evaluation of experimental designs. Practical and relevant exercises and simulations will guide you through the learning curve. Our flexible training approach also ensures that we can handle differnent levels of Know-How.

We introduce how to identify important factors and interactions of your process using factorial designs. Do you want to optimize your processes and determine optimal factor settings? In our training on Response Surface Methods, we vividly explain how to achieve this goal.

Your processes are based on mixtures of inputs? Our Mixture Design training, we will teach you the necessary skills.

STATCON-trainings do not follow a rigid agenda. We listen to your needs and requirements, thus ensuring high customer satisfaction and practical relevance.

Our Trainings in Design of Experiments

Design Expert - Introduction

An Introduction to Design of Experiments for practioners. Design Expert is used and introduced as well. The theoretical backgrounds are also ...

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Design of Experiments for Six Sigma

This two-day training gives you all you need to apply the methods of Design of Experiments (DoE) to your Six-Sigma-Problems. Make sure to get ...

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Statgraphics - Design of Experiments

Learn how to use the concepts of Design of Experiments to optimize your products and processes. As part of this training the statistical analysis ...

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Introduction to Design of Experiments

This two-day-training covers the basic concepts of Design of Experiments (DoE). As part of the training students will learn how to set up and ...

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