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XLSTAT is a powerful yet flexible Excel data analysis add-on that allows users to analyze, customize and share results within Microsoft Excel. With over 240 standard to advanced statistical features available, XLSTAT is the preferred tool for statistical analysis in businesses and universities, large and small, and for 100,000+ users in over 120 countries across the world.


Each of the XLSTAT Applied solutions contain all the features of XLSTAT Basic+ as well as valuable data analysis features for specific tasks in different application areas.

XLSTAT Premium contains the features of all XLSTAT Applied solutions! 

XLSTAT Sensory

A reference software in sensometrics: Preference Mapping, CATA, Panel Analysis, Discrimination tests and many more.

XLSTAT Sensory is the solution for sensory data analysts who want to gain valuable time by using the most recent methods available. Take advantage of a solution that speaks your language (products, assessors, attributes...) and gives you actionable results. With XLSTAT Sensory you can give your R&D department the power to create the right products for targeted groups at a reasonable cost.

With tools ranging from multiple factor analysis to product characterization and panel analysis, XLSTAT Sensory is used by some of the largest food & consumer goods companies in the world.