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Origin Pro provides all methods of Origin and has a great bonus on top of that. Origin Pro creates not only precise statistical analysis but although amazing scientific graphs that go right into your publication. Origin Pro extends the features of the basis version Origin in all applications. This includes methods for impulse-, signal- and image-procession and statistics.

For statistics nonparametric and multivariate statistics, survival time- and power-analysis, comparisons of different curve fits and wavelet analysis should be mentioned.

Origin Pro at a glance:

  • User friendly
  • More than 70 different types of graphs
  • Data analysis with modern statistical methods
  • Supports: Origin C, LabTalk, Code Builder
  • 3D-Surface fitting – including peak and baseline-analysis
  • Image procession, wavelet analysis, short term-FFT
  • Linear Fitting, correlation coefficients, distribution fitting, and many more functions!

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OriginPro - Analysis and Programming for Advanced User

OriginPro includes all Origin-functionalities along with additional graphic- and programmingtools. To view the basic features of the software please take a look at Origin in our shop.

Origin File Exchange!

The online platform OriginLab File Exchange gives Origin users a possibility to exchange data or programmed tools to each other.

Origin Viewer

If you would like to show your results to someone else who does not have access to the software, here is the solution: Origin Viewer! The programm is free to use and gives the user the oportunity to look into origin data.
The Viewer comes with the following additional functions:

  • readout from data and screen display
  • copy from diagrams into other applications via EMF format
  • printable diagrams directly out of OPJ
  • copy from data in OPJ into other programs
  • saving from data in OPJ on your Computer

Download on the website from the producer OriginLab.

Further Information:

Origin Trialversion

The producer OriginLab offers a free trial version of the software Origin. The trial version contains all the features of a regular single user license and is valid for 21 days. Exported graphics are watermarked. You can download the trial version on the producers website: Origin trial version

Service Release 2

OriginLab has released a new patch for the software Origin. The patch contains several bugfixes and also a few new features. You can download the latest patch on the producers website: Service Release 2 for Origin 2015.

  • Bugfixes
    A list of the Bugfixes can be found here
  • New Features
    The new Features can be found here

System Requirements for the software Origin

  Windows Mac
Further Requirements DVD-Drive
To use the HTML-Help, Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher is required
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-/64-Bit) mind. Mac OS X 10.7.0 (a Windows Emulator is needed!*)
Min. CPU 1,5 GHz or more; Pentium-compatible processor 1,5 GHz or more; Pentium-compatible processor
Min. RAM 1 GB 2 GB
Disk Space 2 GB free disk space ca. 20 GB free disk space

* To use the software on a Mac OS, a virtual Windows-Mashine is required such as VMWare, Parallels or VirtualBox!

Additional Features in OriginPro compared to Origin:

  • Peak Analysis
    • Customizing multiple pulses using designs
    • Automatic search of a series of pulses and unfolding of overlapping pulses
  • Surface adjustments
    • Adjust 3D surfaces to XYZ data points
    • Surface fitting with anchor lines
    • Advanced Curve Fitting
  • Statistics
    additional improvements in the following areas:
    • Descriptive statistics
    • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
    • Hierarchical clustering and discriminant analysis
    • One Sample and Two Sample Hypothesis Tests for Variance
    additional non-parametric tests such as:
    • Friedman ANOVA
    • Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
    • Mann-Whitney Test
    • Weibull Fit
    • Cox Hazard Model
  • Signal Processing
    • Design of IIR filters with infinite impulse response
    • Short-Time Fourier Transformation (STFT)
    • Hilbert transform
    • 2D FFT associated with 2D FFT-based filtering, 2D correlation and wavelet analysis
  • Mini Tools
    With Minitools examined analyzes for plotted data can be performed quickly and easily in a diagram.
    OriginPro contains two additional mini tools: cluster and cross analysis.
  • Image Editing
    OriginPro provides many ways to edit your image data, including alpha blending, Pixel Logic, morphological filtering and interpolated background subtraction.

Full feature comparison on the producers website: Feature List Origin vs. OriginPro

New Statistical Tools
Origin includes three-way ANOVA, partial correlation, coefficients and crosstables.

Three-Way ANOVA in OriginPro
Three-Way ANOVA in OriginPro
Crosstable in OriginPro
Crosstables in OriginPro
Dialog for the configuration of partial correlation coefficients
Partial correlation coefficients in OriginPro