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Origin is not only a software for data analysis but it will help you to produce professional scientific graphs as well. Therefore it is the right tool for academics, engineers and metrologists. Origin combines features for data visualization, data exploration and data analysis with a straight forward user interface.

Additionally you get the right tools for statistics, signal processing, curve fitting and pulse analysis. Origin has a flat learning curve and provides a high degree of flexibility as it can be extended using C or Python. This allows you to customize any existing feature of Origin and of course to develop new methods for data analysis or visualization.

Origin at a glance:

  • Easy to learn user interface
  • More than 70 different scientific graphs
  • Data analysis via modern statistical methods – including peak analysis, and more!
  • Supports: Origin C, LabTalk, Code Builder

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Origin - Datamanagement, Visualization, Analysis and Presentation, all in one

Origin is a software application for data analysis that combines publication-quality grahpics along with C-programming and access to the NAG® - library (Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc.).

Origin offers a variety of functions targeted for the requirements of scientists and engineers. Along with a clear User-Interface, Origin provides powerful tools for statistical analysis, peak analysis, curve fitting and signal processing. However if the pre-assembled tools does not fit your requirements you are able to create your own tools with the implemented programming functions. Beginners will be suprised how easy and fast it is to get results with Origin.

  • Origin
  • All in One Tool: From data to result to final report, all in one application with point-and-click access
  • Graphing: Over 100 built-in graph types including 2D, 3D, Contour, Heat Map, Polar, Statistical, Multi-axis and Multi-panel graphs.
  • Curve Fitting & Peak Analysis: Powerful linear and nonlinear curve fitting, Fit and rank multiple functions. Baseline detection, peak integration and deconvolution

Origin comes in 3 different editions:

  • Origin
  • OriginPro: includes all Origin-functionalities along with additional graphic- and programmingtools. Details can be found at the producer website by OriginLab®.
  • OriginPro Student: is available in 2 languages (german, english). It does not have any technical restrictions. The license is usable for 1, 2 or 3 years and can only be ordered with a student-ID or similar verifications. Details can be found here:

Quick Overview

  • more than 70 different 2D and 3D graph types
  • workbooks  with multiple worksheets – familiar from other spreadsheets
  • publication-quality graphs and reports
  • automated data analysis including analysis templates and batch processing
  • batch plotting, i.e. reproducing a graph based on new data
  • data filter and signal processing
  • linear and nonlinear curve customization, signal and peak analysis
  • complex statistics, regression, Pivot table
  • flexible data import, database access
  • 3D surface processing,  OpenGL based 3D graphs
  • for developers and programmers:
    • LabTalk scripting language, Origin C (ANSI C) and Python
    • integrated NAG Mark 9 Library
    • automation server for VB, C++, .net, C# and LabView
    • direct link to MatLab  and Mathematica


Origin File Exchange!

The online platform OriginLab File Exchange is a place to let Origin users share their Origin files or custom components with others.

Origin Viewer

If you would like to show your results to someone else who does not have access to the software, here is the solution: Origin Viewer! The programm is free of charge and gives the user the oportunity to explore origin data.
The Viewer comes with the following additional functions:

  • read data and screen output
  • copy diagrams to other applications via EMF format
  • printable diagrams directly out of the opened OPJ
  • copy data out of the OPJ to other applications
  • saving of selected data out of the OPJ to your Computer

Please Download Origin Viewer at the website of the producer OriginLab.


Origin comes with a User's manual and a LabTalk manual in englisch or german - based on the ordered version - and also with a "Getting Started" manual. In addition to that you can find an extensive online guide on the DVD-ROM.

6 Reasons why Origin

1. Graphic Chart

The new support of OpenGL offers you new ways how to create and adjust your grahps in 3D. In addition to that you have a bunch of new typs of diagrams such as:

  • 3D Surface Plots directly out of XYZ data
  • 3D Symbol, Bar, Trajectory, and Vector Plots
  • XYY Plots: Bars, Ribbons and Walls

Adjusting these graphs are very simple, by clicking and strechting with your mouse you can get your results fast and precisly. Also the 2D graphs got a new look. With the transparent option your graphs will have a clear look.

2. Data Management

Origin contains different sorts of import- and exportfilters. The size of the datas is restricted by the RAM-Memory only. Excel Worksheets can be opened and edited direclty in Origin. The import-assistant gives you additional help by importing ASCII- or Binär-data.

3. Intuitive Operation of Analysis Tools over Dialog Boxes and Toolbars

For analysing your data files you have a variety of tools to be available. Arithmetical and logical operators, random generators, statistical methods, distributions, FFT-based operations and many more. These powerful tools are usable over the toolbar and dialog boxes. You can start the analyse of a specific worksheet or data area in your graph by clicking with your mouse. All changes made in the worksheet will affect the graph in real time and vice versa.

4. Origin and Excel

Open Excel workbooks directly within the Origin workspace! This great feature allows you to take full advantage of the combined power of Excel's spreadsheet capabilities and sophistication of Origin's data analysis and technical graphics features. You can also import Excel workbook data into Origin so that it is placed into worksheets within an Origin workbook. Origin worksheets can be manipulated, graphed, and analyzed normally. If your Excel workbook is opened directly in Origin, you can switch between any Excel worksheet within the workbook to plot the exact data you need. Each time your Excel file is updated, your Origin graph immediately reflects the modifications!

5. Programming

As your Origin use expands, you may want to programmatically access existing features in Origin, or add your own custom routines and tools, or communicate with Origin from other applications.LabTalk is a full-fledged scripting language native to Origin, with syntax and structure similar, but not identical, to C. LabTalk incorporates DOS-style commands with option switches and arguments, as well as object properties and methods comparable to those in Visual Basic. Almost any task done in Origin's graphical user interface can also be performed using script, making LabTalk an extremely useful and versatile tool. Other tools: Origin C, X-Functions, Automation Server, Developer Kit, Orglab.

6. Presentations

Origin provides a number of tools for exporting results and creating presentations. Assemble your presentation entirely with Origin, or complete your presentation in another application by exporting your Origin graphics. In addition to exporting graphs to popular image formats such as EPS, TIF, GIF and PDF, Origin provides an easy-to-use tool to export graphs directly to a Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation. Conveniently export all graphs in any Project Explorer folder at once. Graphs can be inserted as a picture or as an embedded object, and the slide position in PowerPoint can also be specified.

Further Information:

Origin Trialversion

The producer OriginLab offers a free trial version of the software Origin. The trial version contains all the features of a regular single user license and is valid for 21 days. Exported graphics are watermarked. You can download the trial version on the producers website: Origin trial version

Service Release 2

OriginLab has released a new patch for the software Origin. The patch contains several bugfixes and also a few new features. You can download the latest patch on the producers website: Service Release 2 for Origin 2015.

  • Bugfixes
    A list of the Bugfixes can be found here
  • New Features
    The new Features can be found here

System Requirements for the software Origin

System requirements for Origin / OriginPro 2019, 2018b, and 2018 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)

     Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10
     2.4 GHz or faster Pentium-compatible processor
     2 GB of RAM
     2.0 GB of free hard disk space
     DVD drive (if installed by DVD)
     To use the Origin Navigator dialog, Internet Explorer 9 or later is required


Origin can be installed on an Intel-based Mac with virtualization software on Windows. Detailed information about the installation can be found here.

     Intel®-based Mac®
     Mac OS X 10.7 or later
     2 GB of RAM
     750 MB of hard disk space for the virtualization software
     20 GB of hard disk space for each virtual machine
     In addition, the specific system requirements of the virtualization software used as well as the system requirements for Origin / OriginPro under Windows apply.

New Functions of the Software Origin 2019

What's New in Origin 2019

Origin 2019 offers the following new features:


 *Start Menu* button has been added to the bottom left corner of the Origin interface. Click on the button, or press F1 to:

  • View recently opened Origin Projects, other files, menus and Apps
  • Type keywords or phrases into edit box to search within Origin

Search can be customized in a Settings dialog accessible from the icon next to the edit box.

Search results can include Menu items, Apps, X-Functions, Help files, Videos, Sample Project files. Search can also look for your recently opened Origin project files, or project files in folders where you recently opened projects.

Search results will display a tooltip with more information, as well as a preview of graphs in the case of Sample Projects that are installed with Origin. Menu items, Apps and X-Functions are launched directly when you click on search results.

  • Select one or more rows in worksheet and corresponding points in all graphs will be highlighted.
  • Simultaneously highlights corresponding worksheet rows and fades unselected rows.
  • On quitting the tool, worksheet rows remain selected. You can further process these rows by copying to a new sheet, masking row data, etc.
  • Works with gadgets: Gadget output updates on plot selection
  • Helps to explore data in complex plots such as the new Parallel Sets plots



New dialog to manage Apps from Origin.

  • Browse available Apps
  • Search with keywords and phrases
  • Install or update Apps with a single click



Windows Explorer Graph Preview

Easily identify an Origin project visually in Windows Explorer.

  • Middle panel displays image of last active graph
  • Preview panel has scroll bar to view all graphs in project

Diagrammvorschau im Windows Explorer in Origin 2018


Cell Formula

Set up relationship between cells.

  • Works in Data Cells and User-Defined Label Rows
  • Stretch and extend formula
  • Use built-in functions or custom expressions
  • Fixed cell referencing supported



Reference Lines

Add custom reference lines to graphs.

  • Use constant values or custom expressions based on axis scales
  • Use statistics based on plotted data Lines update when data changes
  • Lines are saved with graph template for repeat use


Legend Customization

Customize legend or create your own.

  • Scale legend size, thickness, length, height
  • Symbol+line legend style options
  • Dialog to build custom legend entry
  • Add literal text to custom entry




New Origin File Types

New file structure with significant improvement in storage size and speed:

  • New file types for Project (OPJU), workbook (OGWU), graph (OGGU) and matrix (OGMU)
  • Maximum sheets and graph layers increased from 255 to 1024



New Graphs and Customization

  • Bridge Chart
  • 4D XYZ with Custom Boundary
  • Improved Column Gap Control for Double Y Column plots
  • More options for wrapping text labels

Batch Processing Improvements

  • Include graph image in summary sheet
  • Hover on image to view larger size
  • Select any row(s) and open/regenerate report book for those entries
  • Support for XYZ columns, Worksheet and Data Range


Custom Graph Export Area

  • Define area interactively on graph
  • Settings are saved with the graph
  • Custom area will be used for graph export and for copying and pasting to other applications


Unicode Support

Unicode support has been added to GUI:

  • Unicode characters in Long Names for worksheets, graph pages and other Origin window types
  • Enter Unicode text in worksheet cells and metadata area