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IHS Global Link Model

The IHS Global Link Model is the most comprehensive global macroeconomic model commercially available. 68 individual country models - 95% of global GDP - are fully linked with each other and with global drivers of economic performance. With access through a unique desktop scenario application, the Economic Simulation Engine, the Global Link Model enables clients to generate macroeconomic scenarios and calculate their impact in minutes. Subscribe today to:

  • Anticipate the impact of changes in commodity prices, exchange rates, monetary/financial policy, and a wide range of other variables
  • Identify future opportunities with scenario-based demand projections
  • Optimize your portfolio with a benchmark for ROI across different scenarios
  • Build business resiliency with scenario impact analysis across your value chain
IHS Global Link Model Broschüre

Read more interessting facts about the IHS Global Link Model in the following brochure:
Download IHS Global Link Model Brochure (PDF, 663KB)


Building on 50 years of forecasting leadership, the Global Link Model is the basis for IHS economic and industry forecasts.

  • 68 linked country models
  • 250 - 500 indicators per country
  • 30-year forecasts
  • Quarterly updates
  • Detailed linkages between the real and the financial economy
  • An emphasis on natural resource and scarcity issues
  • Enhanced coverage of demographic variables
  • Sustainable development indicators
  • Acknowledgement of uncertainty and risk, and their impact on behavior

IHS Economic Simulation Engine

IHS Economic Simulation Engine
IHS Economic Simulation Engine
  • Define scenario assumptions with interactive tables and graphical displays
  • Review and install IHS model updates with one click
  • Upload proprietary data to benchmark your projections
  • Export data and charts to Excel and PPT
  • Export scenarios to EViews® work files

IHS Global Link Model is used in various branches and industries