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Analytical software is one of the most important factors when selecting a spectrometer or other scientific instrument. If the analytical software is insufficient, the analysis will suffer, regardless of the quality of the instrument.

The Unscrambler - Classification Engine offers advanced classification methods including Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)Support Vector Machine (SVM)SIMCA and Principal Component Analysis (PCA), and seamlessly integrates into a wide range of instruments and process equipment.

The Unscrambler - Classification Engine

Run classification models directly from your analytical instrument with the Unscrambler - Classification Engine. Our powerful software engine seamlessly integrates into a wide range of instruments and process equipment, allowing you to classify samples in real-time with models generated off-line in the leading multivariate analysis software, The Unscrambler. Get even more value from the investment in your precision instrument by combining it with the outstanding analytics, visualization and diagnostics of the proven multivariate analysis software.

Your Benefits with The Unscrambler - Classification Engine

The latest version of this powerful classification engine includes enhanced features, even greater ease of use and powerful classification models.

  • Automate your Analysis
    Apply classification models (SIMCA, LDA, SVM, PCA) in real-time to raw data collected from analytical instruments such as spectrometers. Includes automatic preprocessing of new data.
  • Reduce Deployment Costs
    Classification models developed in a central laboratory or technical group can be seamlessly transferred with no prior knowledge of The Unscrambler to maximize RoI.
  • Reliable Results
    Ensure reliable results within pre-defined limits. Preview classification results within the client software. Results can also be saved in tabulated form or as graphs.
  • Specify the Level of Result Detail
    Set the desired level of detail for the results obtained. These can range from only the class members, to members, distances (scaled/non-scaled), variances, scores and leverages.

Usage of the Unscrambler - Classification Engine

  • Provides quality measures used on the output of spectrometers or other process instruments
  • Process surveillance, on-line quality assurance, automatically accepting or rejecting items
  • On-line recognition and sorting of objects based on a combination of characteristics e.g. weight, size, shape
  • Identify contaminated samples based on multiple measurements
  • Classification of raw materials based on measurable characteristics
  • Integration of spectral/chromatographic data of samples, which can be configured to classify samples into groups like Good/Bad, Pure/Adulterated etc

Example applications of the Unscrambler - Classification Engine

  • Classifying food samples accordingly to different characteristics for authenticity (e.g. olive oil, wine, honey etc)
  • Determining the origin of archaeological samples from classification models
  • Determining authenticity of automotive spare parts using handheld instruments
  • Using classification models to identify narcotics and/or counterfeit products
  • Classifying the disease state of tumors using MVA and imaging data
  • Sorting products on high-speed production lines into relevant groups according to product qualities

How the Unscrambler - Classification Engine works

The Unscrambler - Classification Engine can be integrated into a client software platform by writing API function calls into it. Whatever programming language the software is developed in (e.g. C/C++, Visual Basic) functions are called in a DLL. New samples from the client software are fed into Unscrambler - Classification Engine for reliable, real-time classification results.

In most cases, the instrument supplier can install the Unscrambler - Classification Engine directly on the instrument. Alternatively, CAMO Software offers a programmers manual and can provide technical assistance.

Further Information:

Downloads for the software The Unscrambler - Classification Engine

Trial version of The Unscrambler - Classification Engine

The producer Camo Software AS offers a free 30-day trial version of The Unscrambler - Classification Engine on his website. Just register on the website for a free trial version:

Documents and Manuals

Download Installation Guide (PDF, 898KB)

Download Broschure of The Unscrambler - Classification Engine (PDF, 1,96MB)

System Requirements of the software
The Unscrambler - Classification Engine

Further Requirements
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
  • .NET Framework Version 4.0 or 4.5
Operating System Windows Server 2003, 2008
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-/64-Bit)
Min. CPU Intel or AMD-based processor
Min. RAM 2 GB RAM (more is recommended!)
Disk Space min. 1 GB

Functions of the software The Unscrambler - Classification Engine

  • Perform real-time classification on raw data obtained from laboratories or process equipment
  • SIMCA classification
  • LDA & SVM classification supported
  • The classification at result level 0 improves the performance of classification
  • DLL function calls (32-bit) for easy usage
  • Automatic data preprocessing, supports all pretreatments available in The Unscrambler
  • Programmers reference manual available for in-house customisation
  • Supports PCA models built in The Unscrambler
  • Supports multiple models simultaneously
  • Can be used together with Unscrambler - Prediction Engine (for online prediction)