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JMP - Analysis of Variance and Regression


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This two day training covers the two most important methods of statistical data analysis: ANOVA and linear regression.

After a quick start about basic statistical thinking, descriptive and explorative statistics we discuss statistical hypothesis tests. This includes simple, two-sample, and paired t-Tests. The two-sample-t-Test is then extended, first to a one-way later to an n-way ANOVA.

The second part of the training covers linear regression. Beginning with the basic ideas of simple linear regression you will then learn how to set up polynomial and multiple linear regression models. The final chapter covers how to evaluate the assumptions or regression models and how to deal with violations.


  • Explorative Data Analysis
  • Setup and analyze statistical hypothesis tests
  • Simple, paired and two sample t-Tests
  • One-way and n-way ANOVA
  • Simple and multiple linear Regression
  • Evaluate Regression Assumptions


A basic understanding about how to work with JMP is expected. The required knowledge is part of the course Explorative Data Analysis with JMP.