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SPSS Amos - Structural Equation Models


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The goal of this course is to introduce the modelling and analysis of causal relationships using so called structural equations, which play e. g. an important role in empirical social research. Using SPSS Amos we will introduce the use of factor and regression analysis to model causal relationships based on latent variables. Latent variables are non observed variables which are sometimes turned into ' indicators' . This course teaches a multi step approach: identify proper latent variables, modelling a causal relationship and finally validating the model.


  • principle understanding the statistical underpinnings of causal analysis
  • master the Lisrel user interface
  • understand and use the SPSS Amos data management
  • setup and run causal models in SPSS Amos


This introductory course is designed for beginners in the field of causal analysis. No SPSS Amos experience is expected, basic knowledge of statistics helps, but is not required.