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SPSS Statistics Webinar - Update Webinar


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IBM SPSS Statistics is now available in version 22. This is a great opportunity for you to take a close look at new features and functions in this new edition of this classical workhorse.

This webinar focusses not only on the brand new features, but also on the interactive graphs and tables.


  • handling data and tables
    • easier merging of files
    • data security – protect your data and output with passwords
    • the news in datamanagement
    • comparison of data files
  • new features and a recap in data tabulation
    • better productivity and effectivity
    • better Pivot tables
  • interactive graphs
  • better compatibily and integration: Java-Plug-in
  • Monte-Carlo-Simulations: create models and evaluate risks

Who should attend?

IBM SPSS Statistics is a powerful statistical software with great reporting and graphing tools. For this reason the webinar is especially setup for existing SPSS users, but also for new users who would like to get a feeling for the look and feel of the user interface.