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This training introduces fundamental skills to help participants successfully deploy Predisys across their company. Participants learn how to create projects, set up data entry configurations and specify a chart's data selection. In addition, students gain real-world experience by working through use cases.


Day 1: Introduction Part I

  • Installation, License and modules of Predisys
  • Creating a database
  • Good database structure
  • New projects
  • Data entry configuration
    • Basic options
    • Required fields
    • Adding parts, processes and tests
    • New samples
  • Configuring tests
    • ​Adding and configuring new parts and processes
    • Setting spec limits

Day 2: Introduction Part II

  • Configure projects
  • Overview: Control charts, graphs and reports
  • Customize control charts, graphs and reports
  • New templates
    • Graph templates
    • Deleting graphs, creating toolbars, adding buttons
    • Configuring button icons

Day 3: Advanced Procedures

  • Dynamic procjects
  • Importing data (manually, calculated fields)
  • Working with data
    • Data import via buffer file driver
    • Real time data import
    • Exporting data, reports and graphs
    • Exporting in HTML
  • Working with control limits
  • Application of control limits in control charts
  • Spec limits and control limits
  • Alarms: Adding and removing rules
  • Working with causes and actions