Our GraphPad Prism trainings cover a wide range of topics including biostatistics, dose-response-curves (including non-linear-regression) and scientific graphs. You will learn how to managa experiments, analyze results and create graphs.

With this large amount of options every course will help you choosing the right statistical method for your problem. Customization of graphics will be done in no time and you will be able to visualize your results in astonishing presentations.

Our trainings explain in a clear and easy fashion the basics while always focusing on the practical applications. No need to be a rocket scientist!

STATCON offers not only regular trainings but will adjust the contents of the training to your needs.

Our Trainings for the Software GraphPad Prism

GraphPad Prism - Introduction

This two day training covers basic statistical methods and the ability to use GraphPad Prism to perform these analyses.

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GraphPad Prism - Graph Creation

This one-day-training introduces the basic concepts of how to work with GraphPad Prism. Just the right training for GraphPad Prism starters!

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GraphPad Prism - Regression

This two day course introduces linear and non-linear regression models. Learn how to set up and interpret these models with GraphPad Prism!

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GraphPad Prism - Means Comparison

This two-day-course is an advanced training based on the Introduction to Data Analysis with GraphPad Prism. It covers multiple statistical tests ...

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GraphPad Prism Trainings

The software Graphpad Prism offers a powerful combination of biostatistics, Dose-Response-Curves (nonlinear regression) and scientific graphs in a compact program...

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