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SigmaPlot helps you creating technical graphics fast and accurate in the highest quality. Both 2D graphs and 3D graphs are available. The data analysis and graphics package SigmaPlot addresses scientists and engineers who create accurate, high-resolution graphs and want to publish their research results. The wide range of graphic export options ensures the exchange and publication of the results and the insertion of SigmaPlot graphs into Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint documents.

Graph options such as technical axis scaling, multiple axes, automatic error bars, regression lines, nonlinear curve fitting or confidence intervals provide maximum flexibility in the visualisation of your research results. Furthermore, SigmaPlot comprises a wide range of statistical functions including enzyme kinetic and many other curve fits, method comparison Bland-Altman, Kaplan Meier, etc.

Use SigmaPlot also to analyze your data. The statistical consulting assistant guarantees an easy and precise application of extensive statistical tools for analyzing your scientific data. Benefit from more than 50 statistical functions! Again, you can use a wizard for selecting the "right" statistical analysis method.

SigmaPlot at a glance:

  • Easy creation of high-resolution graphs
  • Statistical tools for analyzing your scientific data
  • Graphical export options for publishing your results
  • Automation by macros for repetitive tasks
  • Direct access from Microsoft Excel to SigmaPlot

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SigmaPlot - the Best Windows Graphing Package available today

What can SigmaPlot do for you?

Work Smarter with Sigmaplot

SigmaPlot is an easy-to-use technical graphing and data analysis software package for scientists and engineers who need to produce defensible research and create exact, publication-quality graphs for technical publications, presentations or the web. Work smarter, not harder, with the award-winning interface and intuitive wizard technology that revolutionizes what researchers can accomplish on their own with SigmaPlot 12.

SigmaPlot software helps you quickly create exact graphs

SigmaPlot graphing software from SYSTAT takes you beyond simple spreadsheets to help you show off your work clearly and precisely. With SigmaPlot, you can produce high-quality graphs without spending hours in front of a computer. SigmaPlot offers seamless Microsoft Office integration, so you can easily access data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and present your results in Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations.

Graphing software that makes data visualization easy

Graph creation starts with SigmaPlot's award-winning interface. Take advantage of industry-standard menu design, menu toolbars, right mouse button support and graph preferences. Select the graph type you want to create from the Graph Toolbar's easy-to-read icons. The interactive Graph Wizard leads you through every step of graph creation. You get compelling, publication-quality charts and graphs in no time. SigmaPlot offers more options for charting, modeling and graphing your technical data than any other graphics software package.
Compare and contrast trends in your data by creating multiple axes per graph, multiple graphs per page and multiple pages per worksheet. Accurately arrange multiple graphs on a page using built-in templates or your own page layouts with SigmaPlot's WYSIWYG page layout and zoom features.

Customize every detail of your charts and graphs

SigmaPlot offers the flexibility to customize every detail of your graph. You can add axis breaks, standard or asymmetric error bars and symbols; change colors, fonts, line thickness and more. Double-click on any graph element to launch the Graph Properties dialog box. Modify your graph, chart or diagram further by pasting an equation, symbol, map, picture, illustration or other image into your presentation.

Publish your charts and graphs anywhere

Create stunning slides, display your graphs in reports or further customize your graphs in drawing packages. Save graphs for publication in a technical journal, article or paper with SigmaPlot's wide range of graphic export options. Presenting and publishing your results has never been easier - or looked this good. Create customized reports with SigmaPlot's Report Editor or embed your graphs in any OLE container - word processors, Microsoft PowerPoint or graphics program. Just double click your graph to edit directly inside your document. Quickly send your high-resolution graphs online to share with others.

Share high-quality graphs and data on the Web

Export your graphs as high-resolution, dynamic Web pages - not simple GIF or JPEG files. Viewers can explore data used to create graphs and zoom, pan or print images at full resolution directly from a Web Browser. Automatically generate active Web objects from your graphs or embed the objects within other Web pages.

21 CFR 11

21 CFR Part 11 is the United States Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) requirement for electronic record keeping. These are the rules under which an electronic document can be considered equivalent to a paper document. In part, this includes software validation, password protection of data and macros, time-stamped audit trail capability, and various password and security measures.

SigmaPlot already satisfies the requirement for in-house validation using manual testing. Also the macro language provides the mechanism for repeatable "hands-off" analysis of instrumentation data.

SigmaPlot from Version 9.0 and above have the capability of importing data and running SQL queries from various ODBC-compliant databases. The new version also offers the ability to password protect notebooks for submittal to the FDA or other Government agencies that require adherence to security guidelines

Example Graphs

Further Information:

Update: SigmaPlot 12.5

SigmaPlot 12.5 is a update at no charge of the well-known graphics software. With version 12.5 customizing graphs again becomes easier. It provides enhanced graphics export functionality like vector export to PDF.

  Windows® XP Windows® Vista and Windows 7
Further Requirements CD-Rom drive, 800x600 SVGA/256 color display or better, Internet Explorer 6 or higher
Office 2003 or higher (paste to Powerpoint Slide, Insert Graphs into Word and other macros)
CD-Rom drive, 800x600 SVGA/256 color display or better, Internet Explorer 6 or higher
Office 2003 or higher (paste to Powerpoint Slide, Insert Graphs into Word and other macros)
Operating System Windows XP Windows Vista and Windows 7
Min. CPU 500 MHz Processor 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)Processor
Min. RAM 256 MB of system memory 1 GB of system memory
Disk Space 100 MB of free hard disk space 100 MB of free hard disk space

SigmaPlot - General Features

The red features are new features added in Sigmaplot 12.

Large, Scientific Worksheets

  • 32,000 columns by 32,000,000 rows
  • Handles numeric, text (categorical), and date & time data
  • Data sorting
  • Insert colour, symbols, line styles and bar patterns
  • Independent graphically adjustable row height and column widths
  • Missing data handling
  • Data point sampling
  • Graphical feedback of current curve and datapoint
  • Text support of up to 256 characters
  • Change the font type and grid colours
  • Change font for worksheet
  • Multiple Undo
  • Format empty cells - formatted selected columns even if they do not contain data
  • More flexible column titles allow for duplicates and numeric only titles
  • Enhanced data/time recognition and more formats
  • Arrow-key functionality is similar to that of Microsoft Excel
  • Freeze Panes and print preview
  • Multi-line editing - text wraps to fit the column while the row height automatically adjusts
  • Find and replace data
  • Mini-toolbar for worksheet cell editing*
  • Zoom enabled worksheet*
  • Quick Transforms list in Property Browser Object Window*
  • Quick worksheet window scrolling with middle mouse wheel*
  • Formatted text in worksheet cells. Text in worksheet can contain super and subscripts, Greek letters, etc. and this can be used in tick labels*

SigmaPlot Notebook Manager

  • Holds SigmaPlot worksheets, Excel worksheets, reports, regression wizard equations, graph pages, transforms and macros
  • Direct-editing of notebook summary information

SigmaPlot Report Editor

  • Insert tables with pre-defined styles or customize completely*
  • Copy/Paste tabular data both ways between the SigmaPlot report and Excel worksheet*
  • Zoom enabled report*
  • Vertical and horizontal rulers*
  • Ability to change the report background color*
  • Enhanced PDF export*
  • Drag and Drop Word 2007 and Word 2010 content directly to the report*
  • Cut and paste or use OLE to combine all the important aspects of your analysis into one document.
  • Choose from a wide range of styles, sizes, and colours from any system font.
  • Export to most word processors
  • Add decimal tabs, tab leader, true date/time fields
  • Auto-numbering

Page Layout and Annotation Options

  • Zoom, pan, +/- controls and zoom dialog & slider always available on status bar*
  • Drag graph with "hand" mouse cursor*
  • Quick window scrolling with middle mouse wheel*
  • Direct graphic file import into graph page
  • Real-time mouse-over XY and page coordinate feedback
  • Click-through accessibility to select and edit graph objects buried under other items
  • OLE 2 container and server
  • Automatic or manual legends
  • True WYSIWYG
  • Multiline text editor
  • Multiple curves and plots on one graph
  • Multiple axes on one graph
  • Arrange graphs with built-in templates
  • Multiple levels of zooming and custom zooming
  • Easily change the size and position of multiple selected objects simultaneously to lay out and arrange graphs and other objects quickly
  • Scale graph to any size
  • Resize graphic elements proportionally with resizing graph
  • Alignment and position tools
  • Draw lines, ellipses, boxes, arrows
  • Layering options
  • Over 16 million custom colours
  • Inset graphs inside one another
  • Selection of graph objects
  • Right-click property editing
  • Colour schemes
  • Paste graphic objects from other programs
  • Graph page rulers
  • Adjustable snap-to grids

"Picking from Column" Option

  • Enter colours, patterns, symbols, line styles, tick mark intervals, tick labels and more directly into your worksheet to customise your graph the way you want. Transforms and "picking from column" allow you to create data dependent colour gradients, symbols and sizes.

Automate Routine and Complex Tasks

  • Visual Basic compatible programming using built-in macro language interface
  • Macro recorder to save and play-back operations
  • Full automation object support - use Visual Basic to create your own SigmaPlot-based applications
  • Run built-in macros or create and add your own scripts
  • Add menu commands and create dialog boxes
  • Export graph to PowerPoint Slide
  • New 'Insert Graph to Microsoft Word' Toolbox macro
  • New keyboard shortcuts in the Graph Properties and most Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts in the worksheet
  • Macro language graph page measurement units specification*
  • Macro language automatic legend state specification*

Windows Application

  • Excel, Word and PowerPoint for Office 2000 and Windows 2000 support ToolTips
  • Tips and Tricks at startup
  • OLE 2 container and server
  • Use Excel worksheets inside SigmaPlot
  • Right mouse button property editing
  • Selection of objects on graph page
  • Full precision and date/time Microsoft Excel copy and paste

SigmaPlot 12 Graphing Features

The red features are new features added in Sigmaplot 12


  • Radar - 5 Types*
  • Dot Density - 4 Types*
  • Vector - 2 Types
  • Area Plots - 4 Types
  • Scatter - 14 types, Line - 4 types, Scatter and Line - 10 types
  • Step - 8 types
  • Vertical and Horizontal Bar - 4 types, Grouped Bar - 4 types
  • Vertical and Horizontal Stacked Bar
  • Box - 2 types
  • Polar - 3 types
  • Contour, line and filled - 2 types
  • Histograms - 6 types
  • Ternary - 3 types
  • Bubble
  • Pie
  • Control Charts
  • Needle
  • High-low-close, Range, Quartile
  • Quadrant
  • Population


  • Multiple, intersecting plots with hidden line removal, smooth or discrete shading, transparent or opaque fills, and light source shading
  • 3D rotation
  • Perspective preview
  • Scatter
  • Bar
  • 3D line - trajectory
  • Mesh - with or without contour projections
  • Contour
  • Waterfall

Create Graphs Easily

  • Graph Style Gallery: Save any graph with all graph properties and add a bitmap image to the gallery to recreate complex graphs
  • Graph Ribbons: select ribbon icon of the graph type and style you want to create a graph or to add additional curves to an existing graph
  • Graph Wizard: easy to use, step-by-step wizard for helping you select a graph type and pick data
  • Default graph settings: set preferences for graph options to create favorite graphs more easily
  • Templates: create custom graph page templates to store for easy accessibility and future use

Technical Axes

  • Reciprocal (including Arrhenius)
  • Weibull
  • Linear
  • Log10, Natural log
  • Probit
  • Logit
  • Probability
  • Ternary percentage, unary
  • Polar (both clockwise and counter clockwise)
  • Category (text data automatically binned into groups)
  • Time and date
  • User-defined custom axis to create almost any scale

Axis Features

  • Control of display, thickness, colour, range, and axis offset
  • Multiple axes: Add Axis Wizard for creating multiple axes easily
  • Ticks: customize major & minor intervals, in & out orientation, top & bottom location, length, thickness, colour, and tick mark selection from column to create custom axes
  • Tick Labels: customise prefix, suffix, numeric, and time & date
  • Axis breaks: customize symbol, thickness, colour, length, gap width, and post break interval

Symbol Line and Fill Types

  • Over 80 symbol types
  • More line types for line plots and line scatter plots, free-form lines, boxes and ellipses
  • 50 fill patterns for bar charts, box plots, pie charts, area plots and free-form boxes and ellipses

Error bars

  • Mean, Median, First and Last values for symbols
  • Standard deviation, Standard error, Min and Max, First and Last entry
  • 10th, 25th, 75th, and 90th Percentile, 95% or 99% confidence
  • Calculate error bars from replicate values across rows
  • User-defined upper and lower error bar values
  • One way, two way and asymmetric error bars
  • Percentile method: 2-types

Multiline Text Editor

  • Control font, size, style, color, Greek, multiple levels of superscript & subscript, 360 degree rotation, left, right, & center justification, and line spacing

Grids and Fills

  • Control of colour, line type, thickness, and display of major & minor grids in X, Y, & Z direction
  • Control of pattern and edge colour, pattern style, pattern density, and edge thickness Symbols

Reference Lines

  • Control mean, standard deviation, standard error, user-defined constants, 95% and 99% confidence intervals
  • Up to 5 horizontal or vertical lines
  • Control of colour, line type, and thickness

Drop lines

  • Display in any or all X, Y, and Z directions


  • Automatic or manually created; lines and symbols on or off
  • Legends for regressions, confidence, and prediction intervals
  • Place line and symbol before or after text

Function Plotter

  • Automatic or manually created; lines and symbols on or off
  • Plot functions on new or existing graphs Plot multiple different parameter values simultaneously
  • Equation Solver: solve equations or functions containing a single independent variable and any number of parameters

Import and Export Options of SigmaPlot


  • Directly import SAS data sets (.sd2 and .sas7bdat files)
  • Directly import Minitab data sets (.mtw & .mpj files)
  • Open Axon Binary, Axon Text, ASCII Plain, Comma and general import filter, 1-2-3TM, Symphony TM, Quattro TM, Excel, dBASE E, DIF, all SigmaPlot files through SigmaPlot 11, SigmaStat files (all versions), SYSTAT, SigmaScan Pro, Sigma Scan, SigmaScan Image, Mocha
  • Import any ODBC compliant database
  • Run SQL queries on tables and selectively import information


  • SAS files (.sd2 and .sas7bdat files)
  • Minitab files (.mtw & .mpj files)
  • ASCII Text, Tabbed, Comma, 1-2-3TM, Excel, DIF, all SigmaPlot files though SigmaPlot 11, SigmaScan Pro
  • PDF, PSD and HTML export of graphs and reports

Import Graphics Options

  • Load popular graphic file formats directly into SigmaPlot graphic page
  • Import BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, Cursor and Icon Files & many more

Graph Publication Export Options

  • Export an individual graph, a group of graphs and objects, or an entire page
  • Different levels of resolution and colour depths:PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, EMF, BMP
  • True colour EPS vector and CMYK EPS export
  • Compressed CMYK TIFF

Publish as Web Page

  • Export graphs as high-resolution Web objects
  • WebViewer: free browser plug-in to view data used to create graph or print, pan and zoom in on graph without losing resolution
  • The WebViewer supports IE 4.01 or higher. A screen resolution JPEG file is automatically displayed for browser applications and operating systems

Smoothing Routines in SigmaPlot

The red features are new features added in Sigmaplot 12

2D & 3D Smoothing Routines

  • Negative exponential
  • Running average
  • Loess
  • Running median
  • Bisquare
  • Inverse square
  • Inverse distance (for 3D smoothing)

3D Smoothing Routines

  • Negative exponential
  • Running average
  • Loess
  • Running median
  • Bisquare
  • Inverse square
  • Inverse distance


The red features are new features added in Sigmaplot 12

Major test

  • Over 50 of the most frequently used statistical tests to analyze scientific data
  • Advisor Wizard guides you through the process of choosing the appropriate statistical test
  • Report generation that translates the statistics into plain and simple English
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Non-parametric tests: t-tests, ANOVA
  • One-way, two-way, three-way ANOVA
  • Repeated measures
  • Rates and proportions
  • Regression, including Linear, Stepwise, Best Subsets, Polynomial and Logistic
  • Correlation
  • Survival analysis (Kaplan-Meir, Cox Regression)
  • Power and sample size analysis
  • One-sample signed rank test*
  • Deming regression for errors in both x and y*
  • Normal distribution comparison for QC analysis*
  • Parallel line analysis*
  • Bland-Altman analysis for method comparison*


The red features are new features added in Sigmaplot 12

Quick Transforms

  • Perform quick mathematical transforms provided in a function palette
  • Automatic Updating of multiple transforms in worksheets

Mathematical Transforms

  • Set worksheet row and column titles*
  • Root() and Implicit() functions*
  • 36 probability density and cumulative transforms
  • Histogram
  • Normalise ternary data
  • Interpolate 3D mesh
  • Sorting
  • Fast Fourier transforms with filters
  • Lowess smoothing
  • Differential equations
  • Data to RGB-colour transform
  • Trigonometric and algebraic functions
  • Random and Gaussian random number generation
  • Range, accumulation, precision, and more
  • Transforms are now kept in notebook files as JNB files for easier organisation of transforms; create transform libraries; associate Transforms with data sets
  • Protect and track changes to transforms for 21 CFR Part 11

Data Analysis Features in SigmaPlot

The red features are new features added in Sigmaplot 12

Enzyme Kinetics Module*

  • Analyze multiple models and rank by best fit
  • Create multiple enzyme kinetics graphs: Michaelis-Menten, Lineweaver-Burk, Eadie-Hofstee,Scatchard, Hanes-Woolf, Hill, Dixon

Regression Wizard

  • Linear and nonlinear regressions
  • Over 100 built-in, graphically-illustrated equations
  • Marquardt-Levenberg algorithm with up to 10 independent variables and 100 parameters
  • Define tolerance, step size and iterations
  • Define linear constraints and fix parameters to a constant value
  • Automatically determines your initial parameters
  • Writes a complete statistical report to your SigmaPlot Notebook
  • Automatically graphs your results on new or existing graphs
  • Option to add 95 or 99% confidence and prediction bands to a results graph
  • Optional Reduced Chi-Square Regression weighting
  • Customize the SigmaPlot fit library or create your own fit functions
  • Generalized weight variables: predicted values, robust regression*
  • Parameter covariance matrix and confidence intervals in report*
  • Predicted values defined implicitly by the fit model*

Dynamic Fit Wizard

  • Solves difficult curve fitting problems by finding local and global fit solutions
  • Selects many initial maximally-distant starting parameter sets and ranks the resulting fits
  • Shows the local minima with a Dynamic Fit Profile graph

Global Fit Wizard

  • Fit multiple data sets using shared parameters

Automatic Linear Regressions

  • Up to 10th order with confidence and prediction intervals and regression statistics

Column Descriptive Statistics Generated Automatically

New User Interface Features*

The red features are new features added in Sigmaplot 12

Microsoft Office Style Ribbons*

  • Analyze multiple models and rank by best fit
  • Create multiple enzyme kinetics graphs: Michaelis-Menten, Lineweaver-Burk, Eadie-Hofstee,Scatchard, Hanes-Woolf, Hill, Dixon

New Property Browser*

  • New graph object and property browser. Object selection in the graph is displayed in the object window and the object’s properties displayed in the property window.
  • Dynamic Update provides immediate graph redraw with property change. No Ok or Apply button press required
  • Property group styles may be copied and applied across like groups thus simplifying property specification.
  • New window show/hide buttons for window real-estate management

User Interface Improvements*

  • New tabbed window views enables quick window management (selection, closing, grouping)
  • New docking panel guides providing simple window placement. This includes the Graph Gallery, Templates, Layouts, Object and Properties windows
  • Group open windows into tabbed groups either vertically or horizontally. This collects like windows for easy comparison and better window management
  • Object-specific mini toolbars are displayed adjacent to selected graph, worksheet and report objects. This allows rapid editing of object properties
  • Customizable Quick Access Toolbar for frequently used user-specific controls