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No matter if you want to learn more about all features of your new software or if you need a refresher in statistics - STATCON offers just the right training.

STATCONs software based trainings are the fastest way to become an expert in any statistics software. STATCONS trainers are working with the software every day and therefore know all the relevant features and applications. This transports directly into our trainings. There will always be a good mix of statistical theory and practical application. This way you get just the right foundation without losing sight of the real world problems.

If you are not using a specific software STATCONs statistics trainings are the place to look. Here you will get all the know-how about specific topics, like Statistics, Design of Experiments or Six-Sigma, independent of any kind of software.

All trainings are offered as open classes. STATCON will do all the organisation and you participate in a welcoming atmosphere with not more than 12 students. Of course STATCONs trainers will come to your place as well. This allows us to customize the course content exactly to your requirements. An even more flexible approach are our live web classes. STATCON offers all trainings as live web class: all the information but no travelling expenses included.

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