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GraphPad Prism - Means Comparison


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The class covers all types of means comparisons and similar methods which are implemented in PRISM. Keywords like: t-test, ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis, gaussian distribution, homogeneity, post hoc tests, paired / unpaired will be explained.

You need to be able to master the GraphPad Prism dialog system and output, thus the introductory training is a prerequisite. The class also covers the basic statistical knowhow needed to understand the different methods.

  • Statistical principles of comparisons of Means
  • PRISM interface handling with regard to the comparison of means
  • Setup and interpret "Column"-projects
    • One sample t-test
    • T-test and one-way ANOVA for unpaired and paired samples
    • Nonparametric tests for unpaired and paired samples
    • Post tests
  • Understand and utilize "Grouped"-projects
    • Two-way ANOVA for unpaired and paired samples
    • Post test
  • Professional and fail save data handling, formatting and presentation of graph types specific to mean comparisons


This course is based on the Introduction to Data Analysis with GraphPad Prism.

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