Current Update

Patch Date : 2018-12-12

  • Fix for incorrect auto series names containing spaces in group members view.
  • Fix for incorrect labelling in equation output.
  • Fix for incorrect EV10 graph template loading on new installs.
  • Fixed inability to load protected models.
  • Fix for inconsistent table behavior in residual VAR spreadsheets.
  • Fix for incorrect graph setelem fillgray command capture.
  • Fix for incorrect refresh license message.
  • Fix for automatic arma forecasting not using 'avg=' option via command.
  • Updated EViews programming to ignore variable substitutions (using braces) when XON is active.
  • Fix for a bug for dialog problem with smooth threshold regression forecasting.
  • Fix for EViews crash when tramo/seats crash (only for 64-bit eviews).
  • Implemented @movsumsq (it no longer always returns NA).
  • Fix for a crash when @quantile is passed a bad third argument.
  • Added custom attribute fields to CEIC data.

>>Download patch for 64-bit version ( 137M ).
MD5 Checksum: 802a73fb3326fed18664e0918d11ae2e

>>Download patch for 32-bit version ( 133M ).
MD5 Checksum: 00cfe62914b5dcb8910f36a75f0bba54