Design Expert is a software providing all you need for Design of Experiments. Our trainings will help you to understand the concepts of Design of Experiments (DoE) and how to apply them in Design Expert. Design of Experiments is typically used to identify the most important factors in a process (screening) and then to find the optimal settings for those factors (response-surface-methodology). 

Design Expert makes the DoE-workflow as easy as possible, while still offering a very comprehensive set of features. These are for example the set-up and analysis of full-factorial, fractional-factorial and response-surface-designs. Apart from these basic features mixture designs and optimal designs are provided as well.

The special strength of Design Expert is its simplicity. Even without deep statistical knowledge users will be able to make the right decisions in the DoE-workflow. Our trainings will help you through the first steps so that you become confident in your decisions and analysis. 

STATCON offers not only the standard trainings but will adjust the contents of the training to your needs!

Our Trainings for the Software Design Expert

Design Expert - Introduction

An Introduction to Design of Experiments for practioners. Design Expert is used and introduced as well. The theoretical backgrounds are also ...

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Design Expert - Quality by Design

This 3-day training introduces the concepts of Quality by Design (QbD) and Design of Experiments (DoE). Learn now how to apply QbD for your ...

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Design Expert - Mixture Designs

This Training adresses everyone optimizing recipes. Using Design Expert the special features of mixture designs are introduced. Many tips and ...

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Design Expert - Process Optimization

This two-day-course is the extention to the Introduction to Design of Experiments with Design Expert. It augments the concepts of DoE with special ...

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Design Expert Trainings

Design Expert is a software for design of experiments. The particular strength of Design Expert is the...

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