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Minitab is a powerful statistical software for statistical analysis in quality management. Using an interactive wizard, the program offers a comprehensive range of statistical methods and graphical tools allowing to perform safely and successfully the steps of an analysis. Therefore, it is useful for industry, research, development and teaching.

The system environment facilitates the steps from data import to 2D and 3D data visualization up to data exploration and analytical statistics. The project management, reporting and documentation of the results are logical and flexible to handle.

Minitab is used worldwide for the implementation of Six Sigma projects and provides standard statistical methods, ANOVA, regression, quality tools, quality control charts, life cycle and reliability analysis, measurement system analysis, process capability analysis, design of experiments (DoE), excellent graphs and much more.

Minitab shows an extreme adaptability, supported both by the integrated programming language allowing to automate processes and by the option to compile menus individually. Thus, it is not only possible to define company-wide standards, but also to adapt Minitab to the company's needs, giving the users only those analysis at hand which is actually needed.

Arguments for Minitab:

  • Minitab offers a comprehensive range of statistical methods and graphical tools
  • Minitab supports you in all phases of a Sig Sigma process
  • Minitab is very adaptable and programmable

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Minitab - The 'All-In-One' Statistical and Graphical Analysis Software Package

Minitab is one of the leading providers of statistical software and services for quality management, education and research.

Minitab provides precise but easy to use functions for quality management and general statistics. Minitab is used by plenty of leading companies like General Electric, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, 3M, Honeywell International, LG, Toshiba, Nokia and other leading six-sigma consultants.

As an instroduction to statistics, Minitab is also established in more than 4.000 technical schools and universities. Minitab's head office is located in State College, PA, USA and has branch offices in the UK, france and business partner across the whole world.

Interactive Assistant for smoothly Analysis

Minitab gives you the confidence you need to improve quality, with features like an interactive Assistant that guides you through your analysis. It is specifically designed to help you succeed at every step of your analysis. Once you've chosen the right tool, the Assistant identifies all the steps you should take to ensure the results of your analysis are accurate and trustworthy.

By a decision tree system you will get the right statistical tool for your analysis step by step Step by Step Guidance
An interactive decision tree leads you to the right statistical tool by posing a series of questions you need to answer, such as the type of data you're working with and the objective of your analysis. When you face a question you can't answer, the Assistant provides the information you need to respond correctly, such as the definitions of important terms and illustrated examples that help you understand how the question relates to your own data.

Dialogs makes it easier to insert data Dialogs helps you running Analysis quick and easy
The Assistant's dialogs are simple to complete. Steps have been streamlined and the text that accompanies the input fields is accessible and direct. Fields will even dynamically change based on your input.

Interpret your results with confidence
Summary Reports help you draw the correct conclusions and explain why. They illustrate the answers to important questions, and include comments that give your analysis context and meaning.

Diagnostic Report
Diagnostic Reports help you further understand your analysis by providing additional detail, such as outliers you should explore and the chance of detecting a significant difference.

Report Card
Report Cards verify your analysis by providing assumption checks and identifying any concerns you should be aware of, such as unusual data points and issues with normality and sample size.

Summary of a 1-Sample t test Diagnostic Reports helping to gather significant data The final Report Card's are identifying weak points wihtin you analysis

Start using the software immediately!

Minitab's interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Minitab's user interface is well-arranged and user-friendly

An extensive selection of statistical methods

Basic Statistics
Access a complete set of statistical tools, including Descriptive Statistics, Hypothesis Tests, Confidence Intervals and Normality Tests.

Regression and ANOVA
Uncover the relationships between variables and identify important factors affecting the quality of your products and services.

Quality Tools
Determine if your measurement systems are adequate, assess how well your processes meet specification limits, create sampling plans, and more.

Minitab provides an extensive selection of statistical methods, here: Normality-Test Regression and ANOVA in Minitab Report of a Measurement analysis in Minitab

Design of Experiments (DoE)
Find the settings that optimize your processes using Factorial, Response Surface, Mixture and Taguchi designs.

Control Charts
Monitor your processes over time and evaluate their stability.

Reliability and Survival
Determine a product's lifetime characteristics using a wide range of tools including Distribution Analysis and Accelerated Life Testing.

Design of Experiments in Minitab Minitab provides control charts for monitoring processes over a long period of time a probability plot in Minitab

Dig Deeper into your Data

Minitab graphs are powerful tools for investigating your process further and removing any doubt about the steps you should take to improve it.

Minitab automaticaly updates Graphs if you add or edit your data Minitab 17

Automatically update your graphs and control charts when you add or edit data.

Select and examine points of interest, then use them to create alternate data sets and graphs.

Share your Results

Sharing your findings with colleagues is easy. Minitab's Assistant automatically produces a comprehensive, straightforward summary of your analysis that includes relevant graphs and output, and how to interpret them. And there is more, Minitab's rich graphs are the building blocks of an engaging and professional presentation. They are simple to edit, and you can export them directly to MSWord and PowerPoint.

Minitab's graphics are ready for presentation

Further Information

Downloads for the software Minitab

Minitab Trial version

The producer provides a free trial of the software on his website. The trial version is usable for 30 days. Just visit the following link to download the trial:

System Requirements for Minitab

Hardware and software requirements

Operating system: Windows 7 SP 1 or higher, Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon ™ Dual Core with SSE2 technology
Hard disk space: 2 GB or more of available space
Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
Connectivity: The activation of single user licenses requires an internet connection.
Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox required for Minitab Help.

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) is required and will be installed with the application.
License Manager for Network Licenses

Network Licensing installations also require the Minitab License Manager (see the support section of Minitab Inc. to verify that the latest version is installed). The following system requirements apply:

Operating System: 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 or 8.1, or Windows 10
Hard disk space: min. 100 MB (depending on the settings for the log file)
Connectivity: at least one activated network card

New Features in Minitab

  • Minitab 17 gets an revised edittion of its Assistant coming with two new analysis: DOE and Multible Regression
  • New features and improved workflow for regression, binary logistic regression and ANOVA
  • New and improved Statistics
    • Bubble Plot
    • Poisson Regression
    • Outlier Tests
    • Stability Studies
    • Equivalence Testing
    • Updated Graphics