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nQurey is easy to use and powerful at the same time. It helps you doing power analysis and determining the required sample size for many different problems. nQueryprovides 370 routines for different research questions especially those in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical research.

nQuery provides you with:

  • nQurey protects against too small and too large sample sizes
  • reduces costs of clinical trials
  • grants sufficient power for hypothesis tests

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nQuery - Calculate Sample Size and Power-Analysis

nQuery  is a great software that fills the very specialized need for power and sample size studies. This aspect of experimental design is so important that it is suprising it's not incorporated into all major statistical packages, at least to the depth found here. The very user-friendly interface makes data entry simple, and the inclusion of explanatory cards alongside the entry table does much to aid the new user in understanding what is needed. By diligently studying sections of the manual and practicing on actual data, the research scientist will find much of value in the study of experi-mental design. The statistician will be able to perform many routine analyses and estimates quickly without the necessity of hand calculation for intermediate steps.

nQuery provides calculations for the needed sample size at the following experimental designs:

  • Value Comparison of paired observations
  • Repeated Measurements
  • Cross-Over-Design and Equivalence-Tests
  • Mann-Whitney U-Test
  • Regression Analysis: linear, multiple and logistical Regression
  • Survival Analysis
  • Comparison of Frequencies: (crosstables)
  • Confidence Interval for mean values and frequencies
Sample Size and Power Analysis in nQuery Advisor + nTerim

Regression Suite

Means Suite

Cluster Randomized Trials (CRT's) Suite

GST Assistants in nQuery

  • This new option in the Group Sequential Trials Assistants Menu provides a conversion to alternate rates for exponential survival curves.

Premium Maintenance

You can buy nQuery with a premium maintenance. This will provide you with several benefits:

  • Free Major-Upgrades to Full New Software Releases
  • Free Minor-Update Enhancements every 3-6 Months
  • Technical, Installation & Registration Support
  • Customized Online Account
  • Online Support Ticketing System with Guaranteed 1 Business Day Response
  • Live Chat Facility for Instant Support


Easily conduct a variety of “What-If” scenarios to align your final sample size choice with your scientific and budgetary requirements. nQuery Advisor + nTerim has easy-to-use, customizable plotting functionality allowing you to quickly produce compelling plots that compare, power, sample size, effect size & more.

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Trialversion available!

You can test the software signing-up for a free trialversion on the producer's website. The trialversion will be available as a download. Visit the following link to get your trialversion of nQuery Advisor + nTerim 3.0: www.statsols.com/trial-sign-up-form

System Requirements for the Software nQuery:

MINIMUM (known) system requirements for nQuery Advanced.

  • 2 core processor of 1 GHz 'speed'
  • 3 GB of available hard disk space
  • 2GB RAM
  • Windows 10, then it must be higher than version 1511.
    -Please note that Windows 10 S is not supported.
  • .NET Framework 4.7.1

Note: Administrative privileges to the end users machine will be required for installation process only.

See what's new in nQuery update


Innovative Sample Size Methods for Clinical Trials

To coincide with our Spring update to nQuery, we are hosted a 60 minute webinar: "Innovative Sample Size Methods for Clinical Trials".


52 New Core Tables Added

nQuery customers get free access to the 52 new tables spanning a range of statistical methods.


20 New Bayes Tables Added

Customers with our popular Bayesian add-on also get free access to 20 new bayesian tables.


Release Notes

The nQuery April 2018 release will add a wide range of sample size tables to across a range of areas.






More Features within nQuery


  • Difference of Means
    • Equivalence
    • Superiority
    • Non-Inferiority
  • Ratio’s
    • Equivalence
    • Superiority
    • Non-Inferiority
  • Two Means (Matched Pair)
  • Two Proportions Inequality (Matched Pair)
  • Two Incidence Rates (Matched Pair)
  • Two Incidence Rates (Completely Randomized)
  • Two Exponential Means
  • One Variance
  • Two Variances
  • One Sample Z-Test
  • Two Sample Z-Test
  • Paired Samples Z-Test
  • One ROC Curve
  • Two ROC Curves
  • Comparison between Two Correlations
  • Specificity for One Sample
  • Sensitivity for One Sample

Sample Sizes


  • One group t
  • Paired t
  • Student's t-test(equal variances)
  • Sattherthwaite's t-test (unequal variances)
  • Two group t-test for fold change assuming log-normal distribution
  • Two group t-test of equal fold change with fold change threshold
  • Crossover (2x2)
  • One way analysis of variance
  • Two way analysis of variance
  • Repeated measures ANOVA (one and two group)
  • Contrasts

Confidence Intervals

  • One group
  • Paired design
  • Two group
  • Contrasts
  • For normal limits

Equivalence and Bioequivalence Tests

  • Paired design
  • Two group (difference in means)
  • Two group (ratio of means)
  • Crossover (difference in means)
  • Crossover (ratio of means)


  • One group binomial (exact)
  • Paired (McNemar's and exact tests)
  • Two group Chi-square
  • Continuity corrected Chi-square
  • Fisher's Exact Test
  • Gx2 table Chi-square
  • Logistic model for Gx2 table
  • Cochran / Mantel - Haenszel
  • Goodness of fit, C categories
  • Two - group, C categories
  • G - group, C categories

Confidence Intervals

  • One group binomial
  • One group binomial (rare event)
  • Paired design (odds ratio)
  • Two group (difference/odds ratio)
  • Two group (relative risk)

One sided and TOST Equivalence Tests Using Confidence Intervals

  • For paired proportions
  • For two independent proportions


  • One Group Tests and Confidence Intervals
  • Kappa
  • Correlation coefficient
  • Lin's concordance coefficient
  • Intra-class correlation


  • Two group Tests
  • Test of exponential survival (accrual/dropouts)
  • Log-rank test (simulation) for user-specified accrual, hazard rates, dropout rates (equal and unequal n's)
  • Non-inferiority test


  • Tests and Confidence Intervals
  • Logistic regression (one or multiple covariates)
  • Linear regression
  • Multiple regression
  • Multiple regression (with partialling)
  • Tests and confidence intervals for regression
  • slopes in one and two
  • sample designs


  • Equal or unequal n's
  • Finite population corrections
  • Cluster sample corrections
  • Kupper-Hafner CI modification
  • Plots
  • Statements
  • Effect size assistance
  • References
  • Standard deviation calculator
  • Column names
  • Tables, statements, guides in RTF format
  • Decimal display controls
  • Create randomization list


Multiple plot options allowing user specification of x and y axes (power vs n, interval width vs n, and power or n versus effect size)


  • Tests
  • Wilcoxon/Mann-Whitney rank-sum test (continuous outcome or ordered scale)