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EViews - Introduction


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This two day training covers the basic concepts of econometrics and time series analysis.

Econometrics is the science of answering economic problems using statistics. Often one will be facing economic theories that should be validated using statistical models based on the right data. Based on that models we are able to run simulations and generate forecasts for multiple different scenarios. 

This course introduces the basic statistical tools that are commonly used in econometris. The focus lies on linear regression analysis in the context of time series.

At the same time EViews is introduced. EViews is the number-one software for time series analysis. It is easy to learn and easy to use. Thus it will support you in finding the right econometric models and make the most out of them.


  • Basic features of EViews
  • Answering economic problems with statistical tools
  • Perform simple linear regression
  • Validate the assumptions of statistical methods
  • Set up and interpret time series models in EViews


Basic statistical knowledge is usefull but not required. No knowledge of EViews is required.