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EViews - Scripting


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This one day course is all about the EViews scripting language. Starting with simple functions (data import, object declaration, ...) the participant becomes familiar with the typical syntax of the EViews scripting language. 

The next step is to discuss the typical aspects of a programming language: loops, conditional statements, vectors and matrices. The training will cover database-access as well as graph customization and many real world examples.


  • Automatic dataimport
  • Overview over objects and commands
  • Loops and conditional statements
  • Database access
  • Vectors and matrices
  • Graph customization


Participants should be used to work with EViews and have a basic unterstanding of EViews workfiles and objects (e.g. series, equations). Basic programming experience is useful but not required.

EViews Programming Basics

This course gives you the skill to realize different tasks using the EViews scripting language. Apart from programming basics the creation of EViews Add-Ins is handled in this training.


  • using EViews scripting language for routine jobs (e.g. automatic data import)
  • creating interactive scripts using EViews GUI-elements (dialogs)
  • creation and customization of graphs and tables using the EViews scripting language.