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EViews Webinar - Tips & Tricks


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EViews offers a wide range of standard graphs for the visualization of time series data. The range of settings for each of these graphs is even wider. The first part of this webinar presents some ways to customize and improve your graphs. This includes:

  • Adding reference lines
  • Using more than one y-axis

Additionally two more specific graphs for the visualization of seasonality are explained.

EViews Add-Ins

EViews has been extended with a constantly growing framework of add-ins. Addins provide a great set of new functions for EViews. E.g.:

  • automatic ARIMA-model selection
  • Bai-Perron structure change analysis
  • alternative tests for normality (Shapiro-Wilk, ...)
  • ridge regression
  • predictions for VAR-models

The second part of our webinar shows how to get, install and use addins for EViews.