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R - Reporting


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This one-day-training gives an introduction to the most important R-packages when it comes to reporting!

Strating with an overview over the most relevant R-packages for reporting (Sweave, knitr and Markdown) students will internalize the fundamental syntax of knitr and Markdown with multiple interactive exercises and demonstrations based on real-world experience. 

The free and open source IDE RStudio will help you to create professional looking reports that can automatically be updated when new data comes in as HTML-file or presentation (PDF). Students will learn how to embedd tables and graphs and see all important methods for customization.


  • Overview: Reproducible Research with R (Sweave, knitr, Markdown)
  • Creating Simple Reports with knitr and RStudio
  • Creating Simple Reports with Markdown and RStudio
  • Customizing Reports and Graphs
  • Exporting (HTML, PDF)


Students should have a basic idea of how to work with R. This would be covered in our training Explorative Data Analysis with R.