STATCON offers software packages that can help you to do your job responsibilities quickly and with much joy. Each software package offered here has its own spirit. Some packages allow the calculation of exact and/or numerical solutions of complex equations and furthermore allow for developments of complex algorithms. Others are ideal for a comfortable handling of mathematical formulas. Computer algebra systems are able to deal with algebraic structures like equations, differential equations etc. In many application-relevant cases, closed form solutions do not exist. In these cases, solutions based on numerical approximations as implemented in numerical analysis software packages are needed.

Mathematica is one of the most widely used mathematical and scientifical software package. It is a computer algebra system and a numerical software in one and therefore very versatile.

The software GAUSS is a math- and statistics software and mainly serves for solving numerical problems. Its programming language is mostly used in the context of calculating complex matrix

While Mathematica and Gauss are often used for solving algebraic and numerical problems, MathType addresses those users who are interested in both, flexible solutions for editing mathematical formulas and elementary computations. With MathType you can easily copy formulas directly from websites and paste them into MathType. For scientific publications in the natural sciences MathType is also very useful due to its LaTeX compatibility.

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Die Mathematica Software ermöglicht Berechnungen und Simulationen jeglicher Art.


MathType ist ein leistungsstarkes, interaktives Tool zur Bearbeitung mathematischer Gleichungen und lässt sich perfekt in jede Textverarbeitung integrieren.


Fast and interactive data analysis – especially for big data!

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