EViews is our number one for econometrics. Scientists, companys, public authorities and students have access to a very powerful statistik-, forecasting- and modeling-tool. Eviews has a straigtforward GUI which makes it easy to use! The combination of power and simplicity for the user make EViews the number one choice for time series analysis - especially for econometrics!

Our trainings cover the statistical concepts and the practical applications of EViews features. In our trainings you will learn how to work efficiently with your data, test economic and statistical hypothesis and how to automatize standard tasks using the EViews scripting language.

STATCON offers not only regular trainings but will adjust the contents of the training to your needs.

Our Trainings for the Software EViews

EViews - Introduction

This two-day-training is all about the basics of time series analysis with EViews!

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EViews - Scripting

This one day training is all about the EViews scripting language. Learn how to automatize routine tasks or to develop new methods for EViews!

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EViews - Modelling: Complex Models

Two days to become familiar with EViews advanced features. You will not regret it!

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EViews Trainings

The EViews software is specialised in the field of econometrics. With EViews you quickly and efficiently process your data,...

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