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Minitab - Quick Guide to Statistical Methods of Quality Control


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This course lays a solid foundation to use Minitab in the field of industrial statistical quality assurance. The course is divided into three blocks: measurement system analysis, control charts and process capability analysis.

From importing data to statistical methods to the point of further processing of the output, the whole process will be illustrated by examples. After this training the participants are able to independently create quality statistics using Minitab. The participants also master the "right" use of statistical methods. The mathematical or theoretical bases of each method will not be discussed in depth. The basics of Minitab will not be covered in this course either. Corresponding subjects will be covered in the training Minitab - Introduction into Data Analysis.


1. Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
  • terms and basics
  • measurement system analysis for continuous data
    • method 1: capability indices Cg and Cgk
    • method 2: repeatability and reproducibility - Gage R & R
    • method 3: repeatability - automatic measurement equipment / no operator
    • method 4: Linearity
  • examination of auditor agreement for attributive data
    • within one auditor
    • each auditor compared to the standard
    • between the auditors
    • all auditors compared to the standard
2. Statistical Process Control (control charts analysis)
  • history
  • forms of process variation
  • when and how to intervene in the process?
  • the funnel experiment
  • the empirical rule
  • control charts for continuous measurement data
    • IX/MR
    • Xquer/R
  • control Charts for attributive Measurement Data
    • p card - binomial
    • u card - Poisson
3. Process Capability
  • process capability
  • process capability indices
  • process capability analysis for continuous data
    • normal variation
    • not normally distributed
  • Ppocess capability analysis for discrete data
    • binomial distribution
    • Poisson

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