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SIMAHPP liefert detaillierte Analysen und Ergebnisse über die Energieproduktion, die ökonomische Analyse, die Umweltauswirkungen und die Materialauswahl. Seit seiner Veröffentlichung im Jahr 2009 wurde SIMAHPP in mehr als 30 Ländern in Europa, Nord- und Lateinamerika, Afrika, Asien und Australien eingesetzt.

SIMAHPP eignet sich vortrefflich für die Multi-Site-Simulation, um Designströme zu bestimmen und eine geeignete Wasserturbine zu wählen, die Betriebszeit zu optimieren und um die jährliche Energieproduktion zu maximieren. Mit dem Programm läßt sich der Energieeinsatz  bestimmen und die Investitions- und Wartungskosten bewerten. Außerdem lassen sich mit SIMAHPP5 die Amortisationsraten, Net Present Value (NPV ), die internen Rendite (IRR) und die Amortisationszeiträume festlegen. SIMAHPP5 berücksichtigt die Umweltauswirkungen des Projektes, wie z.B. die Wertschöpfung durch Reduzierung von CO2-Emissionen oder anderen Umweltrisiken. SIMAHPP 5 verfügt über Funktionen für die Sensitivitätsanalyse und der Turbineneffizienz.

Compared to its predecessors, i.e. SIMAHPP has the following key features:

  • Single-purpose (only hydro scheme) or multi-purpose scheme (hydro + options for water supply, irrigation, and other water needs)
  • Multi-year data record and analysis (40+ years data per scheme)
  • Options for additional financial benefits (such as from irrigation, flood protection, water supply, navigation, fisheries, carbon sales, recreation)
  • Options for environmental impact evaluation (such as population displacement, wildlife, aquatic loses, forest loses and other land changes and integration of environmental action plans, etc
  • Data options for weekly and hourly mean, in addition to daily, monthly and annual mean
  • Options to use head losses using Darcy-Weisbach, Manning, Hazen-Williams
  • Efficient algorithm for appropriate turbine selection and computation of corresponding specific speeds, penstock diameter, static pressure
  • A wide range of units for input and output parameters (SI, US/UK systems)
  • Long list of penstock materials with the corresponding roughness properties
  • Sophisticated data visualization for both input and output data (multi-year, multi-site, multi-parameter).  
  • Reverse vertex analysis, multi-scaling, multi-line, zoom, export, and many… 
  • Sensitivity analysis & sensitivity index (SI) visualization
  • Summarize and generate simulation report
  • Project characteristics, classified as Energy Production, Economic Analysis, Environmental Impacts, Equipment & Materials
  • Site location map
  • Net Framework
  • A summary of project simulation output per project site is as follows:


Details of project simulation results per site are as follows: 

Energy Production: analysis on the energy production capacity of the hydropower scheme provides with results on

  • Net head using three head loss methods
  • Design flow from FDC (Flow-Duration Curve),
  • Design time of operation for maximizing energy
  • Optimum power capacity
  • Maximum energy production

Economic Analysis: analysis on the financial feasibility the hydropower scheme provides with results on

  • Energy sales revenue,
  • Carbon market revenue,
  • Additional revenues in case multi-purpose from domestic water supply, irrigation water, flood control, navigation, recreation, fisheries,
  • Investment cost,
  • Investment cost/kW,
  • Investment cost/kWh,
  • O&M cost, net present value (NPV), 
  • Internal rate of return (IRR),
  • Payback period,
  • Amortization plan


Environmental Impact and Management Plan: analysis on environmental impact and the management plan of the hydropower scheme provides with results on

  • Emission reduction,
  • Population displacement,
  • Wildlife migration,
  • Aquatic habitat losses,
  • Forest clearance,
  • Land use change,
  • Resettlement program,
  • Watershed management,
  • Tree planting,
  • Public awareness program


Equipment and Materials: analysis on the system characteristics results in the type of equipment and material

  • Turbine type,
  • Specific speed,
  • Penstock size
  • Penstock material


SIMAHPP5 is available in three packages: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise (see also Table below for the summary).  

Multi-site, multi-purpose hydro system

Up to 5 sites or project scenarios can be simulated in a single run.  Here, users can select the number of project sites, flow data type, length of data record in years, type of scheme if single or multi-purpose, and estimated length of the penstock.  Further more, users can select head loss methods, penstock materials, and measurement units for the simulation.


Competing water users (in case of multipurpose hydro system) or single purpose (hydropower only) hydro scheme

SIMAHPP is provided with flow and head data editors for up to 5 project sites or scenario.  If the specific site is used for multi-purpose use, the net flow for the hydropower project will be taken into consideration for the energy simulation.  In this case, additional benetits of the scheme will be valuated based on the volume of water for individual uses.


One or more projects flow hydrograph

SIMAHPP generates hydrographs for the flow and the head.  It has sophisticated and rich visualization and export features


One or more hydro schemes simulation results

SIMAHPP is provided with sophisticated graphical outputs of simulation results.  It provides up to 10 graphical analysis per project site, which is up to 50 graphical analysis in case of 5 project simulations.  One output can be compared with another site's output. A particular variable can be compared with another variable. Axis can be reversed and resulting analysis is illustrated.  This feature allow to visualize a combination of several hundreds or thousands possibilities. 


Sensitivity analysis with respect to investment costs

User can perform the sensitivity of investment costs with changes on design flow and or hydraulic head.  Desired head and/or flow value that provide investment cost estimations to local situation can thus be taken into consideration. 


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