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Design Expert - Introduction


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This two-day course is an introduction to design of experiments. One of the principles of the Design of Experiments methodology is to create efficient experiments, i.e. gain the maximum information from a minimal amount of individual experimental runs.

This introductory class is especially focused on practical aspects of designing and analyzing experiments. You will learn about the simple two level designs as well as blocked and screening designs. You can identify the vita few factors and reveal interactions. The concept of statistical confidence will be introduced so that you can better judge the results of your experiments. Using real world data you will create and analyze step by step example designs based on Design Expert


  • Create and analyze two level factorial designs
  • Using transformations
  • Understands and use blocking of designs
  • Create and understand fractional factorial screening designs
  • Augment designs by adding extra runs systematically
  • Analyze your designs based on graphical and statistical methods


Basic knowledge of statistics helps, but is not required. Basic knowledge is imparted in the course if needed.