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This web-based training introduces Design Expert and refreshes your statistic knowledge. A basic understanding of statistics is essential for creating designs of experiments. The following, detailed list shows the important topics of this training.


  • Session 1: Statistical Thinking and Descriptive Statistics
    • Sample and Population
    • Descriptive Statistics - Mean and Median
    • Variance and Standarddeviation
    • Causes of Variance - Systematic and random Variance, Error in Measurements
  • Session 2: The normal distribution and the central limit theorem
    • About the normal distribution
    • Test for normal distribution
    • Central Limit Theorem
  • Session 3: Hypothesis Tests
    • Concept of statistical Tests
    • Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis
    • Desicion rules - Type I and Type II Error
    • Confidencelevel, Relevance, Power and Samplesize
    • Reference Distribution (optional)
  • Session 4: T-Test
    • Performing a simple T-Test
    • Two Sample T-Test
    • Paired Samples: Paired T-Test (optional)
    • Interpretation of T-Tests
  • Session 5: Analysis of Variances
    • Analysis of Variances (ANOVA) and the F-Test
    • Sum of Squares
    • Degrees of Freedom
    • Interpretation of F-Values
  • Session 6: Regression
    • Applying Regression
    • Least squares estimation
    • Correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination


Prerequisites are an Personal Computer with internet access and a internal or external speaker connected to your PC.