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Design Expert Webinar - Insights into Design of Experiments DoE


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Design Expert is a software for the design of experiments. By careful planning of experiments using the statistically motivated methods of design of experiments DoE, you can seperate important from unimportant factors, model the relationship between factors and responses and determine optimal factor settings. Design Expert helps you in an with fractional and full factorial designs, response surface designs, mixture and D-optimal designs. It covers everything you need for the efficient use of experimental design DoE. The particular strength of Design Expert is the ease of use, without requiring in depth knowledge of statistics.

This free webinar is targeted towards engineers and scientists who want to learn to work with the software Design Expert. In a live presentation, the following points are explained:

  • Classic design of experiments
  • Evaluation of experimental designs
  • Optimal Design of Experiments
  • Optimization of multiple responses
  • Mixture designs

As a prerequisite for our webinar only a computer with a browser, an Internet connection and speakers or headphones is required (audio transmission via VoIP).