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Design Expert - Process Optimization


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This two day course introduces the concepts of response surface methodology for optimization of products or processes.

Factorial designs are not sufficient for all real world applications. Therefore this course focuses on practical examples of how to use the response surface methodology (RSM). RSM-designs are made to find optimal conditions for the relevant factors of a process to maximize the response. 

It's part of the methodology to create statistical models describing the relationship between factors and responses as a response-surface. Based on these models the user is able to find the required factor spaces that grant the most possible yield for the process.

Design Expert is a great tool for these kind of problems. It is part of the course to improve your understanding about the software and how to use it.


  • Augment fractional factorial designs with center points
  • Setup and Analyze Central Composite (CCD) and Box-Behnken-Designs
  • Select the right regression model for the data
  • Find a robust factor space based on the principles of "Propagation of Error" (PoE)
  • Optimize multiple responses at a time
  • Evaluate the quality of designs


Basic knowledge of statistics and design of experiments using factorial designs. This is covered by the course Introduction to Design of Experiments with Design Expert.