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JMP - Classic Design of Experiments


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This 2-day course covers the classical methods of Design of Experiments (DoE). DoE tries to solve experimental problems with a series of planned experiments in the most efficient way. 

This course introduces the basic ideas of DoE and therefore the basic concepts of how to set up and analyze a design. Starting point are full- and fractional-factorial designs that are useful to identify the most relevant factors of a process (Screening).

In the second part we discuss how to apply Response-Surface-Methodology to find the optimal settings for these relevant factors. 


  • Understand the basic concepts of Design of Experiments
  • Randomization, Replication and Blocking
  • Set up and analyze multiple factor designs and fractional factorial screening designs
  • Set up the right screening design to identify the relevant factors of a process
  • Set up and analyze Response-Surface-Designs to find optimal factor settings
  • Using custom designs


Participants should be familiar with working with JMP and have a basic understanding of statistical hypothesis testing, ANOVA and regression. The required knowledge is part of the trainings Explorative Data Analysis with JMP and ANOVA and Regression with JMP.