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JMP - Scripting Language


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This two day training focuses on the use of the JMP Scripting Language (JSL) to write scripts for automatization, development of new features and customization of graphs and reports.

You will get an introduction to JSL and learn how to use the basic functions to customize JMPs functionality for your companies needs.


  • Scripting-Basics
    • Introduction to JMPs object-oriented approach
    • How to save generated scripts
  • JSL Building Blocks
    • Operators, numeric and text variables, lists, expressions
    • Understanding JSL code
  • Iterative and conditional functions: For, For Each Row, If, Match and Choose
  • Data Manipulation via script
  • Creating user dialogs


Participants should have some experience with JMP. A good starting point would be the training Explorative Data Analysis with JMP. Programming experience is useful but not required.