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NVivo is a software for qualitative data analysis (QDA software) that supports qualitative and mixed-method research. It was developed to help you organize, analyze, and gain insights into your unstructured, qualitative data such as in: Interviews, open answers from surveys, articles from specialist journals, social media and web content.

NVivo gives you the space to organize and manage your material so that you can easily see your data. It also provides tools to help you ask questions about your data in an efficient manner.

NVivo Pro for Windows supports a wide range of data sources. From plain text to surveys to social media data, it offers advanced data management, query and visualization tools so you can ask complex questions about your data.

NVivo Pro overview

  • Import and analyze texts, images, videos, classification tables, (online) surveys, data from the web and social media - in almost any language
  • Create transcripts directly in NVivo or simply order them through NVivo Transcription
  • Organize your information using topic, case, in-vivo, and relationship encodings
  • Save time by automatically coding structured data
  • Check your encodings with the help of coding bars and highlights
  • Keep an eye on your ideas and thoughts with memos and notes
  • Ask questions about your data using text search, word frequency, encoding, matrix encoding, and encoding comparison queries
  • Use framework analyzes to summarize large amounts of data compressed according to topics
  • Visualize and share your data using a comprehensive suite of visualizations
  • Import surveys from SurveyMonkey directly via API
  • Import data from literature management programs like EndNote, Zotero, Refworks and Mendeley directly
  • Import notes from the OneNote and Evernote programs - import the notes directly from Evernote using the API
  • Exchange data with Excel, Access and IBM SPSS Statistics for mixed methods research
  • Export elements to easily share your data, analysis and research results
  • Work in a team by merging projects or use NVivo for teams with real-time collaboration

Is your research continuously developing?

When you start using NVivo 12 Pro and your research needs change, you can easily upgrade to NVivo Plus for Windows for the latest in research automation and social networking analysis.