IBM SPSS Statistics is a statistical software which is widespread in the social sciences, e.g. due to its comprehensive range of services for the evaluation of questionnaires. SPSS Statistics addresses users and developers alike by allowing the user to choose between a graphical user- and a non-graphical programming interface.

During our courses we teach the basics for an efficient data handling with SPSS Statistics. You will quickly learn to use the excellently structured pull-down menus for your individual needs: In a few steps you will analyze data, visualize statistical results and export the corresponding graphics and results.

Additionally to these elements of exploratory statistics you will learn more about the statistical-inference-tools that are provided by IBM SPSS Statistics. For example, you will discover how to set up your own models and how to validate them. The output produced thereby will be discussed in detail and at the end of the course you will be able to interpret the results properly.

Our Trainings for IBM SPSS Statistics

Data Analysis with SPSS

Learn how to use SPSS to analyse your data in just one day! For newbies and as a refresher for experienced users as well!

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Analysis of Medical Experiments with SPSS

In diesem zweitägigem Kurs lernen Sie die wichtigsten statistischen Methoden zur Auswertung von medizinischen Daten kennen. Beispiele und ...

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Analyzing Survey Data with SPSS

This two day training will give you all the tools to analyse survey data with SPSS.

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Scripting with the SPSS Scripting Language

This two-day-training introduces the SPSS Scriptinglanguage. Use it to automatize your daily/weekly/monthly standard-reports!

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Crash Course SPSS

This one-day-training covers all the steps of a professional data analysis. This includes not only how to do it in SPSS, but the statistical ...

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IBM SPSS Statistics Trainings

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