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Biometrics - Statistics for Life Science


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This three-day-course is intended to provide a sound bases for the evaluation and analysis of biological and medical data. All methods are explained along pracitcal examples, allowing the participants to understand the background. The course is to be expressly understood as non mathematical thus not focusing on formula. This course emphasizes the understanding as well as the steps and procedures of proper statistical analysis.


  • Basic Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Statistical Graphs
    • What is a good graph?
    • Bar Charts, Error Bars, Dose-Response-Curves
  • Statistical Hypothesis Testing
    • Simple t-Test
    • ANOVA
    • Nonparametric Tests
    • Linear and Nonlinear Regression
    • Transformations in Regression models
    • Residual Diagnostics
    • Concepts of Design of Experiments
  • Survival Analysis
    • Kaplan-Meier-Method
    • Cox- and Parametric-Survival Model