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Analyzing Process Data for Engineers


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This 2-day-course covers the basic methods of statistical data analysis of technical/scientific data. Real world use cases will help to understand the math behind the scenes. Of course the training focuses on the real benefit of applying statistical methods without going too deep on the mathematical part. The training gives a good overview over statistical methods and tests while always taking care that practical examples help the students to see the use of the methods.


  • Introduction to statistical thinking
    • Basics (Mean, Standard Deviation, Median,....)
    • Software for Data Analysis
    • Data storage
  • Regression Analysis
    • Simple Linear Regression
    • Regression Diagnostics
    • ​t-Test
    • One-Way ANOVA
    • Post-Hoc Tests (Bonferroni, Tukey HSD, ...)
    • Diagnostics
  • Quality Tools
    • ​SPC and Control Chart
    • Process Capability
    • Concepts of Design of Experiments