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Analyzing Life Science data using XLStat


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This course expressly is not theoretical nor mathematical, so we will not focus on formulae but on idea, areas of application and risks of the procedures.

• Basic Statistics - descriptive statistics using XLSTAT
• statistical graphics
- what is a good graph? barcharts, error bars, Dose-Response Curves using XLSAT
• setup and test of statistical hypothesis in XLSTAT
- simple t-Test
- ANOVA (Analysis of variance) Repeated Measures
- Non-parametric tests e.g. Mann-Whiteny-U, Kruskal- Wallis-Wilcoxon- and Friedman-Test
- linear and nonlineare Regression including Dose- Response Curves
- data transformation and analyzing residuals (checking assumptions: homogeneity of variances, normality and Lack-of-Fit
- proper setup of experiments, DoE
• Survival analysis in XLSTAT - Kaplan-Meier Curves, Cox and Parametric Survival models

Cost: 1470,- Euro net

Requirements: none duration: 3 days language: Deutsch/ English