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With IBM SPSS Direct Marketing, you get all the tools you need to perform this type of analysis (RFM = Recency, Frequency, Monetary, and Cluster Analysis) in a time-saving and reliable way. Although this module of the IBM SPSS Statistics family relies on powerful analytics, you do not have to be a statistician or programmer to use it. Instead, you have an intuitive interface to classify customers in just a few easy steps.

IBM SPSS Direct Marketing includes a combination of specially selected procedures that enable database professionals and direct marketing data editing activities and analytics.

For example, you can classify your customers according to the following criteria:

Transaction data: when last, how often and how many customers have purchased from your company
Characteristic features such as age, marital status, area of ​​responsibility, place of residence etc.

In addition, you can analyze the return rates of your campaigns (according to customer characteristics or postal code) and test the effectiveness of various offers and creative treatments.

Using IBM SPSS Direct Marketing can help your business:

Identify the customers who are likely to respond to specific promotional offers
Development of a marketing strategy for the individual different customer groups
Comparison of the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns
Increase in profits and cost reduction by writing only to those customers most likely to have a turnaround
Preventing complaints about spam by monitoring the frequency
the e-mails sent to the individual customer groups
Location planning for the opening of new branches or shops
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