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R - Multivariate Methods


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This two-days course covers the application of multivariate statistical methods in the field of technical applications in research and development. All methods are explained along practical examples using the free software "R" . Focus of this course is on understanding the steps and procedures of proper multivariate analysis.


  • Multivariate statistics in comparison to univariate statistics
  • Multivariate analysis of variance, multiple comparisons, * MANOVA, contrasts
  • Multivariate linear models, multiple regression, canonical correlation
  • Discriminant analysis: canonical, linear and quadratic
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Variable reduction, extraction of important factors, principal components and factor analysis
  • PLS (partial least squares) creation and validation of calibration models
  • Structural equation modeling, path diagrams, and model structure, latent variable



Duration of the Training: 2 days