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R - Explorative Data Analysis


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This training covers the basics for a successful statistical analysis in R.

Starting the the basic concepts in R and R-Studio, students will quickly learn how to import data from sources like text-files, excel-files or databases. In the next step the fundamental functions for data-managment are covered. The training concept supports students to work autonomously with R and to know how to get help when applying new functions.

The second section of the training focuses on descriptive statistics with R. Students will learn how to set up summary tables (pivot-tables) and graphs with R. The training covers typical graphs in statistics like histograms, scatterplots and barcharts. Students will understand how to customize and export graphs.


  • R and R-Studio
  • Data Import (Excel, CSV)
  • Datamanagement with dplyr
  • Descriptive Statistics with dyplr
  • Graphics with ggplot2